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Is Coast secure?
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Yes. Coast is SOC 2 Type II compliant. Coast uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your data is safeguarded in-transit using Transport Layer Security and at-rest through RDS AES-256. Coast is built upon the highest security standards in the Fintech industry as part of our commitment to maintaining rigorous controls in safeguarding your sensitive information.

How does Coast handle financial login credentials?
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Yes. Coast uses Plaid to securely connect and protect your financial login credentials. Plaid uses best-in-class encryption protocols, secure cloud infrastructure, multi-factor authentication, and around-the-clock monitoring to protect users' data.

Coast does not have your banking or crypto account credentials and Coast cannot move your money. Coast uses a third party financial aggregator service (Plaid) to connect to your accounts and Plaid leverages encryption to secure your account credentials. Your banking credentials are sent directly to Plaid from your browser so Coast servers will never see or store your credentials.Plaid provides a read-only interface to Coast meaning Coast cannot make any transactions on your behalf.

If you do not wish to automatically connect your financial accounts, you can always manually add line items for your accounts. Manually added account balances do not update automatically but allow you to view an estimate of your balances and financial picture.

You can always disconnect and remove your accounts from Coast by navigating to the Connections page and clicking the trash can icon.

Do I need to provide my private keys or seed phrases? 
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No. Coast does not require private keys or seed phrases in order to connect your digital asset wallets. Coast uses proprietary blockchain explorer technology to connect your wallets only requiring your public wallet address. Our privacy by design principles mean Coast will never ask you for your private keys and/or seed phrases.

Does Coast sell my data?
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Coast never sells your data. Coast is funded through subscription fees paid by our customers meaning we don’t need to sell data to make revenue.

Please reference our Privacy Policy to learn more.